Python Imaging Library Win32 Binaries

The binary distributions available below are available as a convenience to windows users who may find it difficult to compile their own versions of the latest Python Imaging Library. The original source distribution is available at . The versions for python 1.5.2 were compiled using mingw32 gcc. The python 2.0 versions are based on what Gary Strangman kindly sent me. I've also included copies of the dll's from that Fredrick posted to the image-sig mailing list. These may have better performance than the mingw-based binaries I produced.

Many thanks to Fredrik Lundh, the other contributors, and the python image-sig.

Sping users and others who might want to use PIL as a python package without adding PIL to their python path should use the patched version. The patch ensures that all the image formats supported by ImagingPlugins in the PIL directory are loaded. The original, unpatched versions are also available below.

PIL version 1.1.1 (patched)

PIL version 1.1.1 (original)

A mirror of Fredrick Lundh's Experimental Python Imaging Library Stuff


Posted Nov 19, 2000

Here are two binary builds of PIL 1.1 for Windows. Pick the right one for your interpreter version, and save it as _imaging.dll.