piddle backend for: MacOS QuickDraw


This backend generates MacOS QuickDraw graphics within a window of the Mac Python IDE. The graphics generated can be copied to the clipboard as standard (nonpixelated) PICT data. This backend does not work on non-Mac platforms. It does not work (at least, not easily) without the IDE.

Currently, it also requires a patch to get MacPython up to pre-release standards (see below). This is a set of files which have been updated in the developer's distribution since 1.5.2b1, but have not yet been released. They won't be needed once 1.5.2 (final) is released.


piddleQD is part of the standard PIDDLE distribution, but until Jack and Just get around to releasing 1.5.2 (final) of MacPython, you'll also need this:


This backend was written by Joe Strout (

Known Bugs & Limitations

Sample Output

Please remember that the outputs below have been converted to GIF; in many cases the original was of noticably higher quality.

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